We facilitate human-driven innovation processes for luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands.

What good is an idea if it remains an idea?
Try. Experiment. Fail. Try again. Change the world.
Simon Sinek

The people who are crazy enough to think
they can change the world are the ones who do.
Steve Jobs



We act as thinking partners and transformation agents. We listen, observe, involve and engage stakeholders and teams to open possibilities, design solutions, implement platforms and deliver meaningful experiences.

Driving Growth by thinking Customers rather than Cases

Driving Growth by thinking Customers rather than Cases

Driving Growth by thinking Customersrather than Cases TORY BURCHCHALLENGETransforming the contact centre from an outsourced, reactive, problem solving team to an in-house crew of brand experience providers and sales influencers.?We partnered with internal stakeholders...

Laying the Foundation for Digital Transformation

Laying the Foundation for Digital Transformation

Laying the Foundationfor Digital Transformation Tory BurchCHALLENGETory Burch is a successful American lifestyle brand, launched in 2004 and quickly grown to account for more than 150 free-standing stores and presence in over 3000 department and specialty stores...

Shifting mindset from Transactions to Relationships

Shifting mindset from Transactions to Relationships

Shifting mindsetfrom Transactions to Relationships BulgariCHALLENGEBulgari approached us to develop a highly interactive, inspiring and bespoke workshop to help their global retail management team shift mindset from transaction to customer relationship, even with the...

How might we…

Luxury Customer Experiance

Design experiences that emotionally connect?

Reshape retail for the future?

Deliver personalization at scale?

Create a culture of continuous innovation?

Humanize digital shopping?



Danzi can help you design a full new business proposition, a multi-channel service experience or just facilitate a co-creation workshop around a particular challenge. We can support you through idea validation, digital solution scouting, rapid experimentation.






Francesca Danzi

Francesca Danzi is a business executive and expert facilitator of innovation processes, connecting the dots between customer insight, marketing, retail and technology. Whether working with global brands, marketing agencies or strategy consultancies, she challenges organizations silos and facilitates cross-functional collaboration to bring a vision to life.

Francesca was most recently Chief Client Officer with Tory Burch and covered a range of newly created roles with Burberry prior to that, spearheading the company’s retail digital evolution under Angela Ahrendts and Christopher Bailey.

Francesca looks at digital transformation through the customer lens. I engaged with Danzi Consulting to help inform the digital transformation I was leading at Tory Burch and Francesca became my “partner in crime” for over three years, successfully driving implementation and adoption of key technology solutions for omnichannel retail and customer experience. 

John Douglas – Chief Technology Officer  Gymshark

Francesca truly understands the power of unifying data, relationships and commerce. The Customer One to One platform which we built in-house at Burberry was a game changing app for retail stores and associates. Francesca was instrumental in gathering business requirements, interpreting data and leading multiple business work streams to deliver the project.

Cathy McCabe – CEO Proximity Insight 

The insights provided by the customer experience assessment framework Danzi Consulting created and executed for rag&bone when I was CMO there were exactly what we needed to start the omni-channel transformation of the business.

Johanna Murphy – SVP Consumer Marketing and Global Digital Commerce Michael Kors


Francesca brings a humanistic approach to processes, customer experience and innovation. Collaborating with Danzi Consulting in several projects, I have had the chance to appreciate Francesca’s sophisticated understanding of customers and their expectations. Francesca turns data into business solutions that are human-centred and relevant. 

Dr. Federica Carlotto – Director Master Luxury Business Sotheby’s Institute of Art 


 Francesca understands how to cultivate and maintain brand equity through elevated customer experience. In a world of retailers and brands competing for short term gains, Francesca kept our team at Tory Burch focused on long-term success.

Joy Peabody – SVP Marketing Heyday  



You don’t know your customer anymore

You don’t know your customer anymore

You don't know your customer anymoreTraditional algorithms cannot help in predicting purchase behaviors today because they are based on historical data. Behavior change brought about by Covid19 invalidates much of this data. How can brands effectively reach customers...

Reshaping Retail for the Future

Reshaping Retail for the Future

Reshaping Retail for the FutureA blend of digital and human for a forever changed customer The pandemic has changed the way we live. Consumers have started purchasing heavily online and plan to continue to do so. What we purchase and what we care about when we...

Innovation: Leadership is what makes it or breaks it

Innovation: Leadership is what makes it or breaks it

Innovation: leadership is what makes it or breaks it?Continuous innovation demands a new leadership mindset Innovation is having an idea and executing it so it creates value. It requires creativity and insight to meet. It is about solving problems and imagining...


We are based in New York, London and Rome and work with companies anywhere in the world.