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Making The Ordinary Extraordinary – The Art of Adding Personal Value

Bulgari Clienteling Workshop

Bulgari approached Danzi Consulting to develop a highly interactive, inspiring and bespoke workshop to help their global retail management team shift mindset from transaction to customer relationship. Requirements were to inspire people in adopting omni-channel behaviours and using existing clienteling tools in a personalised way.

Danzi Consulting worked with Bulgari Retail Excellence, CRM, Marketing and Training stakeholders for a period of six months to develop a session that dived into the needs and behaviours of the connected customer and explored clienteling techniques, putting them into practice through role-play and group-work activities.

The workshop was delivered at the Global Store Managers conference held in Rome in January 2017 to more than 320 retail stakeholders. The sessions were highly successful and provided the organisation with precious insights into the management’s needs, while constituting the basis for the sales associate training.