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My Burberry Launch

My Burberry Launch

Fragrance Launch with First Global Digital / Physical Personalisation Campaign

Francesca Danzi led the development of a multi-channel retail experience for the launch of My Burberry, Burberry’s iconic feminine fragrance and its biggest launch to date, across 20.000 doors globally. The launch had a global personalisation campaign at its core, which was brought to life in store with bottle engraving services and digital video personalisation. An example of how a simple idea can make the difference when excellently and consistently executed.

Beauty Box Portfolio 1

Beauty Box

Burberry Beauty Flagship Store

Burberry needed to mark its entrance in the beauty arena as a credible player, able to compete with brands like Chanel and Dior. The brand needed a statement store to bring its vision to life. Burberry Beauty Box was the answer, a new retail concept mixing beauty with fashion accessories.

Defined retail experience strategy and service offer, coordinated the launch of the first opening in London Covent Garden, overseeing every aspect of the customer experience, from store design to digital experiences and staff training.