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Customers Join Brands

Customers don’t buy brands, they join brands

«Power has shifted from companies to customers. Customer don’t BUY brands, they JOIN brands. The company with the strongest tribe wins.» Marty Neumeier

In a highly competitive, hyper connected digital world, customers are in control, expecting experiences that speak to their needs, wants, emotions. They want to be listened to, treated as individuals and live remarkable experiences that they can share and talk about. They want to participate in the life of the brands they choose to join. For brands it is about opening up, focusing on customers more than products, nurturing a tribe.

Winning Brands

Winning brands have a clear purpose and deliver on it

Purpose is a commitment to have a positive impact on people’s life. It delivers on human principles; it gives brands the depth that resonates with people. A purpose gives direction and focus. Brands behaving and communicating according to their purpose, build emotional connections that create loyal customers.

Nike wants “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world” while Coca-Cola wants “To refresh the world. To inspire moments of optimism and happiness…” and TOMS wants to “Improve lives”: with every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One.

Brand Experiences Tailored

Brand experiences must be tailored to the individual

Brands are expected to create a truly personalised and curated experience around each and every one of their customers. In what Interbrand defines ‘The Age of You’, brand experiences are required to be unique to the individual and highly customised, based on personal information. Enabled by intelligent infrastructure and powered by big data, the leading brands will develop integrated ecosystems of experiences and reshape the world around us. In order to do so, organisations must be aligned on customer centric, multi-channel strategies.

Empowered and engaged employees are the key ingredient to deliver these exceptional, personalised experiences.

Retail Transformation

Retail is undergoing a digital transformation

Customers are forcing a fundamental change in retail by demanding and expecting a seamless convergence of their in-store and digital experiences.

Store spaces are therefore becoming the ultimate omni-channel portals: digitally connected brick-and-mortar platforms, as vital for driving digital commerce and brand conversations as for in-store sales.

The opportunity is huge: brands can design new data-enhanced shopping experiences, offering timely, contextual and personalised services. And given that roughly 68 per cent of customers use a mobile device while in store (report by KPCB), the integration of mobile in retail is a necessary step and has yet to be nailed.

Millennials and Luxury

Millennials are creating a new paradigm for luxury

Millennials “geared to pleasure rather than possessions” (BCG) are creating a new paradigm for luxury that prioritises personal experiences over luxury tradition. Lower income and higher living costs than any other generation mean a shift of priority from the more material statements of success and luxury like owning a property or having the newest car; to acquiring experiences, often infinitely more rewarding and enriching.

Luxury is defined by what you do, not what you own. Brands should become facilitators of luxury moments.