What makes us different:
a blend of humanity and technology.

All companies were start-ups once and for many of them
that spirit lies dormant, waiting to be reactivated.
Matt Kingdon

The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes
a very creative mind to spot wrong questions.
Antony Jay

Luxury Customer Experiance


Nimble and agile in our structure and capabilities, we personalize our approach to each and every client, investing the time in understanding the why behind your innovation challenges.


We master the language of luxury, with its culture of excellence, quality, beauty, emotions, and the use of technology to enhance the human experience, improving relevance, personalization, connectedness and sustainability.

Luxury Customer Experiance
Customer Retail Experience Design


We challenge assumptions and dare to follow unconventional paths to find those precious insights that generate creative possibilities. We ask uncomfortable questions to eliminate barriers and channel energy down new pathways that lead to thinking differently.


Francesca Danzi

Francesca Danzi is an expert facilitator of innovation processes and experience designer, connecting the dots between customer insight, marketing, retail and technology. A background as transformational leader with top luxury and lifestyle brands, agile marketing agencies and digital global consultancies, she was most recently Chief Client Officer with Tory Burch, where she crafted a global customer strategy for the brand. Prior to that, Francesca had covered a range of newly created roles with Burberry, spearheading the company’s retail digital evolution, leading customer-driven innovation like Customer One to One clienteling and playing a central role in key initiatives including the launch of omnichannel and single view of the customer, the elevation of the Chinese retail network, the launch of Burberry Beauty and selling directly from the runway, winning two Burberry Awards under the Service and Inspire categories.

Francesca brings extensive knowledge of global market and consumer dynamics, as well as deep understanding of customer engagement and communication strategies. A catalyst for change, she excels at aligning stakeholders and mobilizing teams around bold visions, thanks to her contagious energy, inclusive leadership style and design thinking mindset.

MA in Luxury Business Management, Vinyasa yoga teacher, lecturer at the Sotheby’s Institute and mentor to women entrepreneurs in the B2B fashion tech business for the New York Fashion Tech Lab, Francesca lives and works between New York, London and Rome, connecting with people and striving to contribute to the beauty of this world.

A network of diverse professional experts

Our Ecosystem

We have a network of like-minded, trusted industry experts, covering key areas like IT transformation, Customer Research, UX Design, Digital marketing and Social Media.
We create bespoke project teams based on every individual client?s needs. We are connected to the tech startup ecosystem to match solutions to needs and generate brand new opportunities for growth.


We are based in New York, London and Rome and work with companies anywhere in the world.